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Designed To Be an Effective Alternative To Current Shoulder Rehabilitation Tools That Is Affordable, Functional, & Versatile for Physical Therapy Professionals

Cutting-Edge Shoulder Rehab Equipment for Physical Therapists

Now your practice has another option for shoulder rehabilitation: the SHOULDERotator. This device was designed specifically for physical therapists to assist with rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance for individuals with acute or chronic shoulder injuries. By isolating the key muscles during shoulder and elbow range of motion exercises, the SHOULDERotator is able to provide targeted strengthening with a focus on multiple axes. It is also very easy for patients to use at home.

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Discover what the SHOULDERotator can do for your physical therapy patients.
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About the SHOULDERotator

The SHOULDERotator is a new shoulder rehab equipment option available from our company based in Rio Verde, Arizona. This product targets specific muscles and areas with exercises not available using current rehabilitation tools for rotator cuff injuries. It was developed by self-taught inventor Carol Nelson after spending more than 15 years in the exercise equipment manufacturing industry. Many shoulder injuries are difficult to treat and we aim to enhance the ability of physical therapy practices to help patients recover more quickly and more completely.

The Professional SHOULDERotator unit costs $595 and the Home SHOULDERotator unit costs $350 plus $50 shipping and handling per item. Every purchase of the SHOULDERotator comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Shipping takes two to three weeks.  Contact us at (844) 811-6458 or by email to purchase one or more of our exciting new SHOULDERotator units.

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